Preliminary SCIENTIFIC Program

Updated 3 November 2018.

Day 1 General Session 101 > 08:00 – 9:35

Moderators: Red Alinsod, MD | Jorge Gaviria, MD | Robert Jason, MD

08:00 am
Welcome and Introduction
Marco A. Pelosi, II, MD | USA
08:05 am
The Techno Vagina: The Laser and Radiofrequency Device Boom in Gynecology

Michael Krychman, MDCM | USA

08:20 am
Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence

Agnieszka Nalewczynska, MD | Poland

08:35 am
Experience with CO2 Laser for Cosmetic Genital Conditions

Rafael Collazos, MD and July Jaimes, MD | Spain

08:50 am
Genitourinary Syndrome: A Comparative Study of Testosterone Pellets vs CO2 Laser Therapy vs Both

Jorge De Leon Soto, MD | Guatemala

09:05 am
3D Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment: One Year Follow-Up

Jorge Gaviria, MD | Venezuela and Spain

09:20 am
RF: A New Approach to Vaginal Laxity, SUI, and Sexual Disorders

Rafal Kuzlik, MD | Poland

09:35 – 10:00 am
Day 1 General Session 102 > 10:00 – 1:00

Moderators: Adrian Gaspar, MD | Marco Pelosi III, MD | Gerard Pregenzer, MD

10:00 am

RejuvStitch: A Simple Alternative to Energy Based Vaginal Tightening

Jabal Uffelman, MD | USA

10:15 am

MASTER LECTURE: Aesthetic genital surgery: A 20-year experience

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Christine Hamori, MD | USA

10:35 am

The frequently unrecognized post-cesarean abdominal apron: Pelosi classification and guidelines for prevention and treatment

Marco A. Pelosi, II, MD | USA

10:55 am

Update on Viveve Treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence and Sexual Function

Oscar Aguirre, MD | USA

11:10 am

Why Vaginal Tightening Operation Work

Michael Goodman, MD | USA | Recipient 2019 ISCG Award for Teaching Excellence

11:25 am

The Female Orgasm System

Charles Runels, MD | USA

11:40 AM – 1:00 Pm


Day 1 General Session 103 >  1:00 – 3:20

Moderators: Alexander Bader, MD | Oscar Aguirre, MD | Adrian Gaspar, MD | Mona Alqulali, MD

1:00 Pm

PRP for Regenerative, Functional & Aesthetic Gynecology

Ajakaida Renaud, MD | Venezuela

1:15 Pm

PRP: To Whom, When and How

July Jaimes Suarez, MD | Spain

1:30 Pm

Dyspareunia Strategies with PRP

Charles Runels, MD | USA

1:45 Pm

3D Vulvar Embellishment and Vaginal Rejuvenation Applying PRP, PDO Threads and Endopeel

Ariel Luksenburg, MD | Uruguay

2:00 Pm

​Laser Genital Whitening

Jorge Gaviria, MD | Venezuela and Spain

2:15 Pm

​Biomechanical Mapping Of The Vagina

Vladimir Egorov, PhD USA

2:30 Pm

​PRP in Correction of Penile Curvature: Peyronie’s Disease

Iacob Marcovici, MD | USA

2:45 Pm

​Vulvar Rejuvenation with Threads and Nanofat

Adrian Gaspar, MD | Argentina

3:00 – 3:20 Pm


Day 1 General Session 104 >  3:20 – 4:20

Moderators: John Miklos, MD | Kevin Jovanovic, MD | Alejandro Carbone, MD

3:20 Pm

​Intravaginal Er:YAG Laser Therapy of Sling Resistant SUI: One Year Follow-Up

Luis Diego Carazo, MD | Costa Rica

3:35 Pm

​The Benefits of Office Cystoscopy Using the Cystosure System

Neeraj Kohli, MD | USA

3:50 Pm

​Advanced Therapies For Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Neeraj Kohli, MD | USA

4:05 Pm

​​Management of Menopausal Urinary Symptoms with Intra-Urethral Laser

Adrian Gaspar, MD | Argentina

Day 1 General Session 105 >  4:20 – 5:20

Moderators: Marco A. Pelosi III, MD | Marco A. Pelosi II, MD

4:20 Pm
​Expert Panel Discussion
The Safety and Efficacy of Energy Based Devices in Cosmetic Gynecology

Adrian Gaspar MD | John Miklos MD | Jorge Gaviria MD | Michael Goodman MD | Red Alinsod MD | Alex Bader MD | Rafal Kuzlik MD | Michael Krychman MDCM | Oscar Aguirre MD

5:20 Pm


Day 2 General Session 106 >  8:00 – 9:55

Moderators: Michael Goodman, MD | Guillermo Blugerman, MD | Neeraj Kohli, MD

8:00 AM

​​Major and Minor Revisions of Labiaplasty

​​Michael Goodman, MD | USA

8:15 AM

​​Combination of Labiaplasty with Anterior and Posterior Commisuroplasty

​​Otto Placik, MD | USA | Recipient 2019 ISCG Award for Teaching Excellence

8:30 AM

​​The Science of Orgasm 2019

​​Barry Komisaruk, PhD | USA

8:50 AM

​​​Labiaplasty in Adolescents: How, When and Why?

​​Maryory Gomez, MD | Venezuela

9:05 AM

Clitoral Hood: The Crucial Area to Manage During Labiaplasty Surgery

​​Alexander Bader, MD | London, Dubai, Greece

9:20 AM

Advanced Vaginoplasty Techniques: Revisions of the Botched

​​Marco A. Pelosi, III, MD | USA

9:40 AM

​Emsella Therapy for Urinary Incontinence

​​Edward Zimmerman, MD | USA

9:55 – 10:15 AM


Day 2 General Session 107 >  10:15 – 11:50

Moderators: Marco Pelosi II, MD | Edward Zimmerman, MD | Gerard Pregenzer, MD

10:15 AM

​Understanding the Aesthetics of Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery

​John Miklos, MD | USA

10:35 AM

​Avoiding the Botched Labiaplasty

​John Miklos, MD | USA

10:50 AM

Aesthetic Vaginal Lasersculpturing

​Wildecir Barros, MD | Brazil

11:05 AM

​Combining Cosmetic and Robotic Urogyn Procedures

Nathan Guerette, MD | USA
11:20 AM

​​Improving Penile Girth and Function

​Edward Zimmerman, MD | USA

11:35 AM

​​The Penis and the Scrotum: Where have we been and where are we going with them

​Paul Perito, MD | USA

11:50 AM – 1:00 PM


Day 2 General Session 108 >  1:00 – 2:55

Moderators: Jorge Gaviria, MD | Marco Pelosi III, MD | Robert Jason, MD

1:00 PM

​​Neo-Umbilicoplasty: The Way We Do It

Ivanhoe Ortega, MD, Arturo Henriquez, MD | Chile
1:15 PM

​​Laser Liposculpture for Rejuvenation of the Labia Majora

Octacilio Figueiredo Netto, MD | Brazil

1:35 PM

​​Autologous Fat Transfer to Labia Majora: The Way I Do It

Marco Antonio Gaxiola, MD | Mexico

1:50 PM

​​Vulva Abnormalities: Treatment Methods with Hyaluronic Acid

Dawid Serafin, MD | Poland

2:05 PM

​​Cosmetic Applications with Fat Grafting

Yaniris Avellanet, MD | USA

2:20 PM

​​The Use of Tranexamic Acid in Tumescent Anesthesia

Guillermo Blugerman, MD | Argentina | Recipient 2019 ISCG Award for Teaching Excellence
2:35 PM

​​Simplified Cesarean Section Using Multimodal Analgesia

Alejandro Carbone, MD , Maria Araujo, MD, and Adrian Gaspar, MD | Argentina

2:55 – 3:20 PM


Day 2 General Session 109 >  3:20 – 5:30

Moderators: Marco Pelosi II, MD | Marco Pelosi III, MD | Red Alinsod, MD | Alexander Bader, MD

3:20 PM

​​Perineal Rehabilitation: We Can Make Functional What You Can Make Beautiful

​​Laira Ramos, PhD | Brazil and Portugal

3:35 PM

​​​Sculpting for Surgeons: Applying the Function, Form and Aesthetics of Anatomy to Cosmetic Surgery

​​Peter Schmid, DO | USA

3:50 PM

​​​Complications in Plastic and Reconstructive Gynecology

​​Dawid Serafin, MD | Poland

4:05 PM

​​​In Office Awake Vaginoplasty: It’s All About Retraction

​​ Red Alinsod, MD | USA

4:20 PM

​​​Different Techniques in the Field of Plastic and Reconstructive Gynecology

​​ Rafal Kuzlik, MD | Poland

4:35 PM

​​​Single Thread Colpoperineoplasty

​​Alexander Bader, MD | London, Dubai, Greece

4:50 PM

​​​The Alinsod Feathering Technique for Advanced Revision Surgery: 14 Year Retrospective

​​Red Alinsod, MD | USA

5:05 PM

​​​A Novel Technique of Nipple Areola Reconstruction under Local Anesthesia

​​Arturo Henriquez, MD, and Ivanhoe Ortega, MD | Chile

5:15 PM

​​​Questions and Answers

5:30 PM


Award Ceremony is to be held in the meeting room after the meeting | Attire is Business Casual
RECEPTION & AWARDS program > 6:00 – 7:30

Dress Code: Business Casual

​​​2019 ISCG New Fellows Induction

​​​2019 ISCG Award for Outstanding Contributions to Cosmetic Surgery

Presented to: Christine Hamori, MD | USA

​​​2019 ISCG Award for Teaching Excellence

Presented to: Michael Goodman, MD | USA || Guillermo Blugerman, MD | Argentina || Otto Placik, MD | USA

​​​2019 ISCG Awards for Best Results in Cosmetic Genital Surgery

Winners to be announced at ceremony; participate here

​​​2019 ISCG Industry Recognition Awards

Winners to be announced at ceremony.